Level 1 : 3 days and 6 dives.

Your passport to underwater exploration. You will learn the basics of diving, the various undewater hand signals and how to set up your gear.
The authorised maximum depth for « level 1 » divers is 20 meters with an instructor.

Level 2 : 4 days and 8 dives.

You’ll learn how to assist other divers and will become initiated to deep diving.
The authorised maximum depth for « level 2 » divers is 20 meters without an instructor and 40 meters with an instructor.
We recommend you log at least 20 dives before taking this course.

Level 3 : 4 days and 8 dives.

The top of the pyramid for scubadivers! You’ll repeat and refine the « level-2 » exercises at a depth of 40m.
The authorised maximum depth for « level 3 » divers is 60 meters, with or without an instructor.

Introductory dive

The first step towards Nemo’s world!

You will dive with an instructor into Amédée island marine reserve. Multicolored fishes, turtles and rays will come to say you hello.
The zone is sheltered from the wind. You will dive at a maximum depth of 5 meters (16 feet). There is never of marine current. The duration is about 30 in 40 minutes.

Nitrox Diving, what is it ?

This is a diving breathing oxygen-enriched air. Who said increasing the percentage of oxygen, said reduction of nitrogen . This results in an increased security with regard to the decompression phenomena and less tiredness. The diving technique is the same as air and Nitrox diving remains very simple and easy to access.

Nitrox Diving, for who ?

The first Nitrox diver training level can be followed by all divers who have completed their Level 1 (equivalent Open Water).

The training consists of 2 tank-dive in one day with Nitrox. It will allow you to dive and calculate your decompression with a mixture containing up to 40 % oxygen.

You have a camera like Reflex ?
You have not yet found the right way to realize underwater wonders ?
You want to improve in taking underwater pictures ?

These tips are for you!

A passionate and professional offers from time to time basics on manual mode of your device.
After diving and pictures made, you will discuss over it in front ofa cup of tea or coffee under the fare.